D-Day: Seventy One Years Later

2015-06-05 15:49:27
In my opinion, one of the most important single day events in American History in the Twentieth Century is D-Day. Most historians would also go so far to say that D-Day has a virtue far beyond its significance as the greatest amphibious military operation in history. It was by-no-means the largest battle of the war, and there were many battles throughout history, including the American Civil War, which were equally or more decisive and which took many more casualties. But D-Day has a meaning that integrates both the virtue of hope and the concept of political liberty, ideas which reinforce each other.


Jamie Santora, the State Representative for the 163rd Legislative District of Pennsylvania, has cosponsored legislation with State Representative Mark Keller for the 86th Legislative District of Pennsylvania that would designate a section of Columbus Boulevard, between Oregon Avenue and Washington Avenue in the City of Philadelphia--Philadelphia County, as the William J. Guarnere and Edward James Heffron Memorial Boulevard.

According to Jamie Santora’s Facebook page the Memorial Boulevard will recognize Wild Bill’s and Babe’s “gallant service.”


Taking the Journey Home

2015-05-01 07:28:46

Today's blog is a journey into the mind of a 98 year old World War II Veteran who has a razor-sharp memory, timely wit and the type of wisdom that is respected. His name is Sarge and this is the story of our day together on Wild Bill's Birthday.

I routinely volunteer as a friend for vets on my dad's birthday, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, this year I added Wild Bill's Birthday to my list. I usually never share my experiences; however this time, something was different and I felt compelled to take you with me.

Sarge was a Soldier, he was a warrior; but he would be the first one to tell you that more importantly he was a son, a husband and father. In his words, "war ain't pretty honey, war is dirty and ugly." He added, "I didn't go there to be no hero, I went there so all children could enjoy the freedoms I had. Most kids today (and he called me a kid) don't want to hear the stories I could tell because you can bet your behind that most days took me straight into a burning hell." Sarge then chuckled, "hey look I am a poet and didn't know it."


Today, when I sat down to write my blog I found myself caught up with emotion. You see, for the last few weeks I have been reading lots of emails sent to us with memories of Wild Bill. The stories are filled with tales of a character like no other, stories of a hero, stories of a friend, stories of perseverance, kindness and generosity and stories about how lives were never the same once Wild Bill touched someone’s heart.


We need your help!

2015-03-10 13:53:41

In late October, area real estate investor Jim Bennett and his real estate agent with Liberty Bell Real Estate in Jenkintown and occasional partner, Linda, set out for the city in search of a few new investment properties. What started out as any ordinary day, ended up being the most extraordinary day of both their lives, professionally and personally.

As the entered the last property of the day and began to explore; they came to find they were in the home of a vet, and not just any vet, a real American Hero. Bill and Linda were standing in the center of the home that once was the home of Wild Bill Guarnere.



2015-02-21 16:28:53

Our blog this week is a speech written by my friend and our President Debi Rafferty. She delivered this speech at UTI in Exton on Veteran’s Day 2014 and today her powerful words and sentimental tribute are yours to enjoy!

Good Afternoon, My name is Debi Rafferty, I am the granddaughter of William Guarnere, aka Wild Bill. My grandfather spoke here last year and I was invited to speak in his place, although I don’t know if I will be able to fill his shoe.


Today’s blog post comes from guest blogger, high school senior, Robert Rafferty. He is the proud great grandson of Wild Bill and below shares why Wild Bill is his hero.

In today’s society, there are various opinions as to what the word hero means. However, a quick look at any history book quickly reveals that a hero can best be described by looking at the brave men who served their country during World War II. There is no better way to describe a hero than by looking at some of the brave men that enlisted in the United States Army like the men of WWII. These men were young, and could have done many other things with their lives; but they chose to fight for their country. As each man left home, he knew he would be fighting in an unknown place, for people he did not know and against a bitter enemy. Each man also knew he was fighting for his family and each precious freedom of the American people.


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